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Our Philosophy

The increasing use of environmentally friendly materials is synonymous of a philosophy of innovation oriented to the future, that’s why we take care of the creation and design of eco-technology and innovative materials used for the green building industry. Our company is called the Atelier of building, because we are able to reproduce all the plasters of historical locations, as they were originally made.

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Seminars E&T

Informative Seminars

Continuing education for the use of our innovative materials.

Produce and sale


We produce in our factory and host you in our showroom

Research & Development

Research and Development

Our creative source that gives rise to ideas and custom designs

Unique products,
for every application!

ET PaintPaint

Finishes ETFinishes/Decorative

ET PlasterPlaster

Our Projects

Cascina Lecco

Location Storica a Lecco

Lecco (LC)

Architect Sabbadini

Termofin M


Location storica a Vigevano

Vigevano (PV)

Architect Marcello Morelli

Ecoton Super


Ristorante Joia

Milano (MI)

Architect Anna Masse Saluzzo

Termofin R