Finish Marbled lime putty.
Cerfin is a natural finish waxed effect specific to finish the walls of bathrooms and kitchens or any place where there is water or steam, and ensures better impermeability to the surrounding environment.
The addition of marble dust, being mixed with the slaked lime, guarantees an antibacterial and anti-mold product, while the colored earths give the most varied shades adaptable to any environment.
The final result is obtained by the application in sequence of two basic materials, Cerfin Cerfin A and B and then applying the Wax Wax.


Cerfin A / B

Contents: 25 kg.

Product Composition: Lime putty, marble powder and colored earth.

Dilution: Ready to use

Particle size Cerfin A: 1 mm.

Cerfin particle size B: 0 mm.

Estimated Theoretical consumption Cerfin A: 6 kg. per sqm. in two hands

Estimated Theoretical consumption Cerfin B: 1 kg. per sqm. one-handed

Preparation and Application: Cerfin is used for the realization of finish on inner and outer plaster to lime putty. The application surface must be clean, free from dust and dirt. Traces of oil, grease and wax should be removed by brushing. The product must be spread at ambient temperature between 5 ° and 30 ° in the absence of wind and not exposed to the sun. In this case, the surface must be wet with water and applied material protected by sunshades towels.

Apply the finish Cerfin A with stainless steel trowel in two coats. You will have to apply the product having the caveat that the underlying layer is kept moist, between one application and another. Subsequently, given the caveat that the second application of Cerfin A is damp, apply Cerfin B with one hand using stainless steel trowel and spray with water for ottenre a shiny effect and re-sanded. Installation should essre performed without shortening over the entire wall from corner to corner. Only when the wall is dry, you can polish with our WAX Wax for waterproofing and shine.

Storage: The material lasts a long time in closed containers provided they are not exposed to frost and heat sources.
The applicator must not modify the product in such a case ET Events & Technologies S.r.l.s assumes no responsibility.

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