Plaster slaked lime and earthenware.
breathable plaster that allows to have a high evaporation on a large surface, thus limiting the formation of mold and avoids any stagnation of humidity.
Proposed in two classic shades of brick.


Contents: 26 kg.

Product Composition: Long matured lime putty, earthenware and silica sand.

Dilution: Two components.

Usage: Indoor and outdoor.

Estimated Theoretical consumption: 18 kg per sq m with a cm thick.

Surface preparation: The application surface must be free from dust and dirt. Any traces of oils, fats and waxes should be removed with a spatula or sanding the surface. If the outside temperature exceeds 30 ° C is not recommended for application because the product must be stretched at room temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C with no wind and not exposed to the sun. Apply the product with a trowel. Later work with wood or aluminum straight edge and finish with a plastic float.

Storage: The material can be stored for 12 months from date of production in sealed containers, provided they are not exposed to frost and heat sources. The applicator must not modify the product in such a case ET Events & Technologies S.r.l.s. It assumes no responsibility.

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