Ecosun Venezia

Anti-salt plaster made up of lime putty


Ecosun Venezia is a plaster made up of lime putty, especially designed to let the salt pass through the plaster, without wrecking it. The addition of natural additives guarantees high breathability. The binder used, long seasoned lime putty, is a natural “ecological” product composed of calcium hydroxide (Portlandite) and water, with very high plasticity and thixotropic characteristics. The addition of natural additives allows the salt to pass through the plaster. The product is already coloured, in order to avoid further finishing processing.


Fire reaction: Class A1 Water absorption: W2 Vapour permeability: μ = 10 Bond: 0,30 N/mm2

Thermal conductivity: (λ 10, dry,mat) 0,34 W/mK

(average value as by the prospectus; P = 50%)

The product is certified according to UNI EN 998- 1: 2010 (GP)

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