Ecoton Flash


Tonachino for indoor high-gloss and metallic effect.
Made based on marble powder, putty and colored earth. The product is highly breathable.


Contents: 25 kg.

Product Composition: mineral coating in paste ready to use, consisting of slaked lime and minerals. Ideal for indoor

Dilution: Ready to use.

Particle size: 1 to 1.2 mm.

Estimated Theoretical consumption: 3-4 kg. Per sq.

Drying: 12 hours at 20 ° c

Type of binder: lime putty.

Preparation and application: The product is applied in two layers with a steel float to obtain a thickness of about 2mm.
The installation must be performed without interruption over the entire wall from corner to corner.
The surface must be free of dust and mold.

Renders must be dry and healthy, clean of any previous processing residues. In the case of plaster or flour that differences in absorption, it is recommended the application of a writing of a skim coat made from lime putty, using a wooden or plastic fratasso. We do not recommend the application of plaster and smooth walls and stagnant.

Check the anchor to avoid plaster bottom of detachment. The final characteristics, are obtained after 4 weeks, when the lime is perfectly carbonated.
Do not apply the materials and in different, or in different atmospheric conditions Rates on the same wall as they may occur variations in color.
Avoid applying the product in the hottest hours of the exposed surface of the sun or in cold and wet periods. The application must not be performed at temperatures below 5 ° C and humidity up to 75%.

The material is frost and heat. In the event that the product is modified, ET Events & Technologies assumes no responsibility.

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