Ecoton UV


Made from the base of colored marble dust, slaked lime and colored earths. The product is highly breathable, ideal for the restoration of historic buildings and the construction of modern facilities.


Contents: 25 kg.

Product Composition: Lime putty, colored marble powder and colored earth.

Dilution: Ready to use.

Occupation: Outside.

Theoretical consumption Estimate: 3-4 kg / sq m in two coats.

Preparation and Application: UV Ecoton is used for the realization of a finish on exterior plaster to lime putty. The application surface must be clean, free from dust and dirt. Traces of oil, grease and wax should be removed by brushing. The product must be applied in 2 layers fresh on fresh using a steel spatula until obtaining a thickness of about 2mm finished and subsequently frattazzare with a sponge trowel soaked in water. The installation must be performed without interruption over the entire wall from corner to corner.

Storage: The material can be stored for 12 months from date of production in sealed containers, provided they are not exposed to frost and heat sources. The applicator must not modify the product in such a case ET Events & Technologies S.r.l.s. It assumes no responsibility.

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