Termofin R


TERMOFIN R, a lime putty finish and Hemp, coarse-grained, colored.
Hemp is primarily an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, high breathability, protection from mold and insects, great fire, light and rich in silica. But above all, and ‘a negative “carbon material”, which summarizes the carbon and reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere; then it makes the environments in which and ‘applied more’ wholesome and also reduces polluting emissions of the building process.


Contents: 14 kg.

Product composition: breathable finish lime putty, fine hemp and other insulating materials.

Dilution: Ready to use

Characteristics: Particle size from 1 to 1.5 mm. Thermal improvement. acoustic improvement. breathability

Type of diluent: water

Estimated Theoretical consumption: 8 kg / sq m, with two coats according to surface.

Use: Indoor.

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